Monday, February 1, 2010


It's amazing isn't it, how words can make you smile.
I smiled a lot yesterday. Smiles that just turned themselves on for a few photo's at the beach, at work with a customer, and listening to the lyrics of a song. But not all of those were real smiles. You know, the tingly ones that seem to come all the way from your toes and warm your heart.
I had an above average number of those yesterday... or maybe I just noticed them for once?...
Those came helping little Mr E who is 2 climb up my staircase, watching the clouds and being amazed by God's grace, getting a phone call from an old couchsurfer and the one that really stuck and is still here this morning. This one came from a message of L.O.V.E and I don't think it'll go away for awhile.
I'm truly grateful for the people God has let wonder across my path and walk this journey of life with. They've shaped and moulded me into a better person. And isn't it funny to realise that I've taken them all for granted. Just expected them to be there for me through thick and thin, and they have, they've not failed me.
And how nice to know it during the thick times, not just the thin :) Friends are what make my world go round and they've never let it stop spinning.
I'm not a "I love you", kiss and huggy person (I seem to always end up with my shoulder in their throat and kind of strangle people) and after the message yesterday I wondered, how do I show my friends I love them? I know actions speak louder than words. Love without action is hollow, but I realise now, it is so important to sometimes just send those words out there into the world. I love you my friend, and you make me smile :)

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