Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm a goose

Just spent the last 2 hours being called a goose and a selection of other names, letting me know what a clown I've been for not writing my application letters.
And I am a GOOSE! Yup, I totally agreed.
I just couldn't do it! I tried and I tried, continuously!!!
So many scrunched up whiny pathetic paragraphs!
I think you can blame me for at least one dead tree. And it wasn't recycled :S

So in 15mins a WONDERFUL letter has been drafted and I sound amazing :) Yup, me!!
I'm starting to freak a little! Maybe I will get the job. I seem to be the only one who doesn't think I will.

Which is silly, why would I apply if I don't think I'll get it?

So I can continue in life knowing I tried. I think I also have this silly satisfaction in knowing I am right and I'm not that good.
Reading my resume' and this letter does make me wonder if I might think a bit too much lower of myself. But then you're meant to sound amazing in job applications right?

I just want to be that person. The one the letter says I am.
I want to live up to my dreams.

I don't want to be a goose... What does a goose achieve in a day?

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