Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I like wearing my emerald glasses.
They make the world a better place.
They make my paradise a better place.
Then I had to make my couchsurfers aware of the dangers here.
There are a lot...

Wow, look at that spider!! It's huge!/It's such a cool colour... is it poisonous?... hmm maybe

Are there snakes in here?... yep... are they poisonous?... some are, some aren't, remember they are more scared of you than you are of them (such a feel good line)... doesn't Australia have some of the top poisonous snakes in the world?... Yeah, we do... Are any of them here?... mmmm (do I answer this? Will they actually keep walking if I do?)

Ahhh don't get outta the car/don't get closer to take photo's of that cassowary... they can attack

You can't go swimming at the beach at the end of my street... why?... Crocodiles

You can't go swimming at the beach this time of year unless you're in the nets... why?... poisonous jellyfish... Does it hurt?... yes, it can scar to...That's not too bad... they can kill. Doesn't poisonous mean anything to you?

Ummm... so there's a cyclone warning out... it should hit tomorrow morning...

You know what though? Being aware of the dangers, and being scared of the dangers are two different things.
I love my Paradise


  1. i wish you would be more scared of the dangers. then perhaps you'd stop exploring paradise and spend more time drinking tea with me. xx
    p.s. it's looking rather pretty around here these days.

  2. agreed; aware and scared are two very different things.
    be alert not alarmed :)