24 Things To Do

24 things to do... before I hit 25.

I ran across this idea somewhere... No idea where, but I like it. If you know who I should give credit to, please let me know.

So now I have to do the things I wouldn't normally do, things I keep meaning to do, and things I really should do.
I have just over 7months to full fill my goals. Let's just hope I can kick the procrastinator inside of me.

  1. Buy myself flowers
  2. Climb the pyramid (again)
  3. Buy a stranger their coffee
  4. Walk the track up to "Broken Nose"
  5. Buy/create a coffee table (I believe there are certain people out there mentally placing this as priority number one for me)
  6. Finally buy handles for my drawers!!
  7. Get my next tattoo
  8. Complete at least 5 sewing projects
  9. Send someone a handmade postcard
  10. Create a cotton display
  11. Frame my Japan Photos
  12. Organise the boxes under my bed
  13. Have a dinner party with only fondue!
  14. Go for a whole day picnic, breakfast/lunch/tea
  15. Make a habit to go walking at least 3 times a week
  16. Buy and keep alive a pet fish
  17. Make Japan trip photo album
  18. Finish Kowanyama photo album
  19. Spend a whole day Spoiling myself :)
  20. Explore a local art museum
  21. Go to the movies by myself
  22. Learn basic Spanish
  23. Start that herb garden
  24. Try a new recipe weekly
hmmm....it's taken me a week to complete the list.... how long till I start ticking things off?