Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm back! :)
Ok, truthfully I've been back for over a week now.
But the idea of actually getting on here and typing was too tiring, and I'm not actually sure when I would have had the time other than when I should have been sleeping.

I really really wish I could post a few photo's of all the fun we had in Kowanyama, but I can't post photos of the kids :( and after trawling through the ones I have, they just aren't interesting without the kids big grins in them :(

* So I found one photo from the slip n slide! I cut some kids faces out of it. That was one fun afternoon!

But don't fret. Saturday is the big teaparty, and trust me. I'll definitely be posting photo's from that day! And in saying that, I really do have a lot more preparation work to do for it, which means I shouldn't be sitting at the computer!! Enjoy your sunny day!!

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