Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm getting so excited!!

I leave for Kowanyama on Saturday and today Amie and I handed out the first of our invitations to the tea party!!!

So Amie and I have been organising a Tea Party. Go. Be Love.
Everyone is bringing something for mums and babies in need. It will be split between the homeless shelter and The Salvation Army family store for emergency packs.


It is going to be the most amazing tea party EVER!
Well... in our minds it is, so hopefully we can take it from there and make it reality.

Cupcakes, teacups and saucers,laughter, cookies, punch, sunshine, teapots, quotes, joy... seriously, I can't wait!!
Tomorrow more planning and crafting will be happening!! So excited!!

Then Saturday I'm off.
Off for a week of full on fun, laughter, games, craft, swimming, songs, dancing (well... I can't dance, but I can follow actions well enough), a community fete, making a community vegetable garden, day trips...


Tonight I'm just about jumping outta my skin I can't wait for these joys to be here already!
Don't worry, I'll stay in my skin. I'll pour over tea party pictures on the net and look through old trip photos and feed my excitement tonight, before I get crazy busy for the rest of the week organising.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I've not been up to posting anything for a lil' while now.
I have sat down, intent on writing something, anything, and my fingers have been lifeless and my mind blank.
I'm exhausted when I'm at home. I'm exhausted right now... don't quite know how I'm able to type properly.

I've been so busy lately. Work, Salvo's and way too rarely I fit in a friend or two.
If I'm not at home I'm fine. Somehow the body keeps going, though my mind might not always function at its highest level.
I don't feel like I'm doing too much, I'm looking after myself to the same degree as usual. I just have lost spare time for me.
I wonder if it will catch up on me? At the moment I rest in God's grace and call on His strength. Do I need more? I think many people would say "YES!".
But this week I've been wondering... Do we really need more? Or is that the world's point of view?
I really only feel I need to make sure I'm not making myself too busy working as well as doing what I feel is God's work, to keep in touch with Him. Which I admit, I've been doing lately. How can I do it in His strength if I don't even have time for Him?
I'm glad I've noticed. Can't fix a problem until you know it exists right?
Enjoy your weekend, sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy basking in the peace and rest only the Lord can provide.