Monday, February 1, 2010


Last year turned out to be like a whirlwind run through a sideshow alley. The fun house, ghost train, tunnel of love, house of mirrors and dizzying teacups all twisted their way into my life.
I came out the end feeling lost and unsure of who I was. Somehow along the way I'd dropped joy, and really wasn't up for backtracking my way through it all to find out when.
Instead I remembered a time when life had been full of fun, and decided to recapture it from there. So began the adventures of couchsurfing again :)

As the site proclaims, and I like to believe, I'm "creating a better world, one couch at a time".
At the current moment I have a lovely English girl staying on my couch.
Today I took her to see the sights :) This consisted of exploring an old ramshackle cane cutter cottage, driving through flooded creeks, checking out the markets, sloshing through the rainforest and my favourite part for the day- discovering age old treasures embedded in the roots of a tree.
Maybe not treasures for many, but the old bottles we found twisted amongst the roots of a fallen tree are treasures in my eyes.

This year I'm going to make sure I find joy in every day. Whether it be the regular calls from my best friend, meeting a new couchsurfer or even the thoughtless rubbish from a long ago picnic shoved under a tree.

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  1. beautiful.

    i still think they might of been there for a reason. come on use your imagination.