Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gecko's and Unwanted Cards

Valentines Day today. Nothing special of a day for me.
I'm going to spend the day exploring Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge and the beautiful Daintree Rainforest with Mr C from the U.S of A. My fun, adventure seeking backpacker of the day.
Colin arrived yesterday while I was at work. So I directed him to the centre of town and giant free swimming pool for a good dosing of sunburn, and searched him out afterwards.
It was quite amusing watching the excitement my unit full of geckos gave Mr C. To me they are annoying lizards that dumpster dive my bin and poo all over the place. It is nice to not have a backpacker jumping and squealing every time they see one.... wait that was Mr C :)... let's add "in fear" to the end of that sentence.

The day of Love today and I can say I received a rose - from the bank on Friday to their loyal customers.
I also received a card. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I would rather have gone without.

Had a nice chat with the security guard at work yesterday, as I do. Totally innocent, I can't even tell you his name! If I need to pass information on to one of the other girls he is described as "the old security guard, the one with grey hair".
We had a laugh about my Valentines plans to be tour guide to a stranger, and my lovely rose from the bank. He talked a little about failed internet and dating services. I didn't really want to hear about them, but not being a rude person or having anyone in the shop to go serve, I listened. It was all nice, and in my mind a simple discussion.
After Mr Old Security Guard finished work he dropped in a bright red envelope for me. Aww how sweet, he knew I wasn't getting any... ah no.

I pull out the card... open said card... read said card... business card falls out of said card... security guard has a head of grey hair and is double my age!!!
I'm sorry, I don't know if others see the card as just a nice gesture but no, sorry, I'm not interested in old men! If it was just going to be something sweet I'm positive there are about 1000 other cards to pick out in the aisles overflowing with valentines paraphernalia.
Good thing to come out of it? I now know his name.

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  1. lucky you. my valentines romance? twilight and new moon back to back. :)