Saturday, March 6, 2010

A river without boundaries is a swamp...

So I happily admit I have an issue with 5 and 10 year plans.
I'm sorry, I understand why people have them, but at the same time I totally don't understand why.
Life changes so much! You never know what is going to happen. Who or what is going to be around the corner.
I've not yet had a year turn out the way I've thought it would. So I can't see why I would plan so far ahead into the future.

I got in trouble this week for not believing in 5 year plans.
And quoted "a river without boundaries is a swamp"
hmm a swamp... that makes sense. Almost makes me want to put some boundaries up, don't want my life to be a smelly swamp.

I'm not against having goals. I want to complete studies, I want my life to not be around the career of shop assistant I have now, I have holidays I want to go on.
I just don't like giving myself time limits.
24 things to do before I'm 25 was hard enough. And I'm such a bum I can't actually see myself getting half of that list done. And it's all to do with my mind set, I know!!
I need to want those things bad enough to get the list completed. And I know I can do them, and I know I can come up with some pretty legit excuses at the end to why they don't get done.
Sadly I know myself in this area too well.

Honestly I don't like the regret when I don't follow through...

So do I change? Not to make myself have 5 and 10 year plans. I think that is pushing something on to myself that I don't agree with.
But do I start to give myself time limits?
Do I start to make myself complete things for myself before another year passes and I look back and go, oops didn't get that done.

Find the $ and enrol in that Youth Worker course, THIS YEAR!!!
Find another job! Get out of retail and into something I LOVE as soon as possible!!!

That's the only goals I have at the moment.
No five year plans...

Anyway I think swamps can look pretty

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  1. "a river without boundaries is a swamp"
    if you were in a smelly, stale and stagnant swamp; ignorant and in denial - that'd be a problem. But if this swamp is a part of a river system - has life and a fresh source, then i think this swamp could be a lovely place....