Sunday, March 28, 2010

Late night visitor

Arrive home 1040pm
Turn light on and walk to bedroom.
Drop bag on bed and walk back out to look at weird gecko above doorway.
Not gecko.
Snake now not happy.
Try not to scream.
Do a little dance but try not to scare snake more at same time.
Ring Amie.
Freak her out.
Run around house and get to bag and mobile from other doorway.
Ring Ex.
"You're kidding!!" "No, there's a SNAKE in my house!!" "You're *%@$, I'm not going near it, ring the wildlife people"
Ring other male friend.
No answer.
Leave weird freaked out voice mail.
Ring another male friend.
"You've rung the wrong person, I'm no help to you, I'm no good with snakes"
Ring Miss K ... no answer.
Look up S for snake handler in phonebook... Nothing...
Look up Wildlife.... safari/experience/zoo.... no handler... hmmm...
Ring Amie back. Offered a bed.
Miss K rings back.
"Do you have a fork?... Have you got spray?..."
"I'm NOT going near it! I'm not going to try and catch it!!!"
"close the door and put towels around the bottom so he can't get in."
Realise how exhausted am.
Weigh up options of staying or leaving house.
Driving unsafe :(
Leave lights on.
Close doors.
Push towels into little crack at base of door.
Don't sleep.

I don't want to think about actually having to open the door in the morning!!!

Wish it was made of wool :(

Maybe that's where the last of my mice went?

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