Saturday, May 8, 2010

back for the second...

My laptop died and for some odd odd reason, tonight it is turned on. Don't know how it did it, the power button won't work for me when I push it, but oddly it is on.
I will not complain!!
I've missed blogging and reading other blogs SO MUCH. It's almost sad how much.
And to top it off I was sick in bed (couch) all week and with no television reception or laptop it really made it seem worse.
So now I'm quickly typing this before I crash for the night and start my crazy hectic day again tomorrow... really can't wonder why I'm sick... "are you making sure you have time to look after yourself?" is a question I try to dodge my way around.
Fingers crossed laptop stays working now. But considering it gave no warning to crashing, and hasn't turned on for weeks, I'm not going to hold my breath.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow all you mums out there :D

And the photo is a bit totally random. But I felt like adding one, and it is an abandoned old canecutters cottage that is falling apart and I had heaps of fun exploring (when I wasn't terrified, frozen still n thinking of snakes!).

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