Sunday, May 9, 2010

2nd LEAST sexy

It's my little sisters 14th Birthday today :)
She is so excited. And Funny!!! Of course I was so much more mature at 14.. haha
She wrote a lovely status on her facebook page... "thanks for all the birthday wishes :D im 14!!! scary i thouught id be an aunty by now *hint hint* :D"
Discovered still too sick for laughing, caused a massive coughing fit.

Apparently the poor girl will be waiting a long time yet.
I read a lovely little article in the paper today with the top sexiest professions.
Nurses/doctors are up there at number one.

And me?

I'm in the 2nd least sexiest jobs.

And considering number one is unemployment, which isn't a job, it by default bumps me into the least sexiest job as decided by 9000 Australians.
Hannah, my dear sister. I think you will have to work on our other sisters to make you an Aunty before your next birthday, looks like I'll be getting a cat soon... 9000 people can't be wrong.

Ha ha! I just glanced at the next 3 least sexiest jobs (I didn't read further before, I was to busy daydreaming of what I should name my cat...) and I can't believe I'm ranked less sexier than retirees!!

1. Unemployment (as mentioned, not a job, thus we ignore)
2. (1). Volunteer/charity/community work
3. (2). Retired
4. (3). Transport/logistics/warehousing
5. (4). Consulting

Alas I'm allergic to cats!!
So I'm sorry dear people of Cairns and Kowanyama I can no longer volunteer in your communities, it just doesn't make me look sexy!
And Youth Work, I should give up on starting that certificate, should not think about helping the next generation on their walk and better start looking at enrolling into a Medical Degree.
Bummer I thought I had it all worked out.
Hmmm.. maybe I can get hairless cats..... no that's too gross.

oh n i am totally not saying sister who will make Hannah an Aunty is unsexy, just not in an unsexy occupation.

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