Friday, April 9, 2010

Taught by God

"Tozer (A.W. Tozer) believed that a lot of people knew a great deal about God- they knew the language, the songs, and the culture - but they did not know God Himself. They were taught about God, but not taught by God; and there is a difference." (emphasis mine)

I've been reading Profiles in Faith by Harold Sala. And today when I read about Tozer, this paragraph jumped out at me.

It is exactly how you could say my life has been. I've been taught all about God, but I've never been taught BY God, until now.
And the difference is unbelievable!!

It's inspiring.

It's amazing, life changing and addictive.

It's teachings I want to embrace now forever.

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  1. perhaps i am over tired but this made me all teary x