Friday, April 16, 2010

Not a good thing

There's a saying about if you waste money you can always earn it back. But if you waste time, it is gone forever.

And I waste SO much time!! It's such a sore spot for me.

Sitting around watching movies at home on my own.
I can justify watching movies with friends; on my own, being lazy not so much.
Wasting precious sunlight instead of going for a walk to the creek or beach.
Wasting time that could be spent writing letters to friends, sewing, reading a book, reading my bible, praying.
Really I think my TV is the biggest suck of time in my life.
And I'm not going to get it back.
Then the next biggest suck is this, my laptop...
Oh how I do love wasting time on here Looking at pretty pictures, reading status updates n facebook stalking.
But it isn't doing anyone else any good for about 85% of the time I spend on here. Probably more actually.

So I better do something productive with my time don't you think?
Maybe once this movie finishes...


  1. Are you kidding? TV is my boyfriend. You're not alone. Side note - I think it's crazy you live in Cairns. I was just there last summer!

  2. It's paradise :)
    If you ever come back let me know, I host couchsurfers. May be biased, but the best kept secrets of cairns are its local spots, so much more breathtaking!

  3. I was a chaperone for a student tour group so everything we did was sadly touristy. My friend and I want to come back and do local stuff. I'll take that spot on your couch for sure!